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 Expert Help For Your Relationship or Marriage

If your car runs poorly, you take it to an expert mechanic. If your vision blurs, you go to an eye doctor. But when your relationship is not going well, what do you do? Probably you suffer, thinking, “There is no help for us.” But there IS help available. The Relationship Doctor ™ is a psychologist who is an expert in helping couples address problems in their marriage or relationship. You have invested a lot of time and energy and emotion in your relationship, why not work with an expert to improve it? And if you are considering separation or divorce, especially if you have children, you owe it to yourself and your family to first give counseling a real chance to save your relationship.

The Relationship Doctor™ will first diagnose and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship and communication skills. He will then teach the skills you need to improve your relationship. In between sessions, you will practice these skills, working to strengthen your relationship.

Or maybe your relationship is okay, but you are having sexual difficulties, or sex has lost it’s excitement and freshness. The Relationship Doctor™ can help with expert sex therapy. Although it sounds intimidating, sex therapy is actually fun! You learn how to communicate what you like and don’t like, and learn skills to improve your sex life. You learn how to talk about sexual preferences and desires in a supportive environment.

  • Expert Relationship Counseling Need Not Take Years
  • A Skills-Based Approach to Helping Couples Improve
  • Short-Term Counseling for Long-Term Relationship Results
  • Learn new skills for improving your communication now

The Relationship Doctor™
Andrew Gottlieb, Ph.D. 

Palo Alto, California, 94306

San Francisco Bay Area, USA